Create Natural-Looking HDR Images Consistently

Let me ask you this: 

  • Are you tired of doing overcooked, mediocre HDR images?
  • Do all your images look the same with that classic "HDR look"?
  • Feel stuck in HDR or photography in general?

Stop relying on tone-mapping software. Take full control of your editing with exposure blending and other advanced techniques.


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Know When To Bracket Exposures For HDR

Learn to become a better photographer by not bracketing all your shots into HDR. Start analyzing the scene, study the light and get it right the first time in your camera.

Create Realistic HDR That Connects With People

HDR is an effective way to create images that look close to what you see. Understand dynamic range and use histograms to produce images that your audience will enjoy.

Advanced Techniques To Transform Your Images

Tone-mapping and HDR software are where most people start in HDR. But if you want more creative images, you need to ditch tone-mapping and adopt exposure blending.

Are You Serious About HDR?

I bet you are! Otherwise you wouldn't be reading this 🙂

There are more serious hobbyist and professional photographers adopt exposure blending everyday. Get the blueprint and learn the step-by-step the techniques they use.




No nonsense, Pure HDR content

The XDR Blueprint is a comprehensive guide that teaches you the entire workflow on how to create natural HDR images with exposure blending. It's a step-by-step manual with plenty of diagrams and pictures. You won't waste time on the basics like the exposure triangle.

xdr blueprint


Learn the workflow to natural looking hdr images

Yes, there are plenty of free information out there on HDR photography. But many are either scratching the surface or incomplete. The XDR Blueprint teaches you the complete workflow, from planning, creating to post-production. It is a system you can replicate to get results.

xdr blueprint


dynamic range and histogram masterclass

Many photographers don't actually know how to interpret the histogram. Knowing how to display it on your camera screen doesn't count! Dynamic range and histogram go side-by-side and are the absolute fundamentals of HDR. You will learn how to hack your way through the graph to become an expert in histogram! Don't let those lines put you off.

dynamic range and histogram


bracketing exposure By The graph

Let me guess, you switch on AEB, set to Av mode and start shooting? 3 shots, 5 shots or maybe more? While it works, you might not always get lucky. How many exposures do you really need? Did you actually capture the full dynamic range? With the XDR Blueprint, you will learn how to use the histogram to guide you in bracketing.


Know when to SHoot For HDR

Stop creating mediocre HDR, or worse, bracketing exposure when it's not necessary. Not knowing when not to do HDR is one of the commonest mistakes for most photographers! You will learn how to improve your judgment objectively. Done with the guessing, take charge and up your skills to the next level.

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Exposure blending techniques explained

Once you have a solid foundation, you will learn how to blend the exposures you have taken. You are going to learn seven techniques in detail to use at your disposal, giving you the invincible power to deal with any scenarios. Plus, learn how to create equally natural HDR with HDR software. Sounds impossible?




The XDR Blueprint is for all levels of HDR enthusiasts. Besides delving deep into the core knowledge and technicality, the reason behind each step is also explained. You will learn the mindset and the psychology to take your work from an amateur to a professional standard.

post-production workflow


  • 99 pages of step-by-step instructions to every aspect of exposure blending, down to the details.
  • Hand-selected Raw images for you to follow along the material.
  • After-sale support if you get stuck or have questions to ask. 
the xdr blueprint fotographee


A self-taught and published photographer who loves shooting landscape, travel and architectural photographs. My work has been featured in travel guidebooks, magazines and exhibitions. I like to create natural HDR images that look exactly how I have seen them in the first place.

Thank You Yaopey! Your work is at the TOP of most beautiful  photos I have ever seen...I am an Artist so when I say your work is PERFECT, I know. Thank you again!

- Gary Palmer

Oh my gosh, your images are unbelievable!  I was a medium format wedding photographer for many years but everything has changed with the digital revolution.

- Mike Harris

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I guarantee you'll find this book valuable if you're trying to improve your photography skills. See for yourself by purchasing this book and reading it within the next 30 days. If you don't come away with a better understanding HDR photography, I don't want your money. Just let me know within 30 days from purchase and I'll refund every penny.