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Creative Techniques To Develop Your Style

As you progress in your photography journey and start producing consistent results, the next step is to continue acquiring advanced skills while developing a unique personal style. This often involves exploring why you create photographs at a personal level. The journey will open your eyes to new ways of creating photographs that has a deeper meaning.

How to transition from a beginner to advanced-level photographer?


Familiar with the exposure triangle already? Great! Time to learn advanced in-camera techniques!


Color theory, histograms, layer masking...these are some of the skills to level up your editing game!


Don't just take a photo, create a photo! Explore ways to make your photographs more interesting!  

Here are the tutorials I published that hopefully will provide you with inspiration to help you develop your personal photography style.

Starting Out? This is For You:

For The Beginner Wanting to Level Up:

More Techniques To Learn:

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Let me ask you this:

How many cameras and lenses have you owned?

I have a Sigma 24-70 f/2.8 in my inventory. I bought it from eBay because I had read good reviews about it.

But guess what…?

Apart from doing some test shots, it’s been sitting on my shelf collecting dust ever since. I thought of selling it but never had the will to take photos, list it and all that.

I also have a bunch of M42 lenses stored in another camera bag which I probably will never use them.

These are just a few examples...I had even more lenses that have come and gone. Thinking back, I wasted a lot of money on gadget.

As I gain more experience in photography, I learned that I don’t need the best gear to produce good images...what I need is editing style!

I also discovered that a good photo is 70% editing, 25% camera skills and 5% of luck!

What did I change?

I redirected my focus...invested more in developing a unique editing style.

...and that, my friend, is one of the best decisions I have ever made!

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4 step editing framework