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Luminosity Masks Made Easy

Are you searching for advanced image post-processing technique to level up your skills? Are you struggling to understand luminosity masks? Luminosity masks are more powerful and versatile than conventional adjustment sliders. The only problem is people don't know where to start or give up too quickly.

What are luminosity masks about?


Creating ultra targeted selection in your image effortlessly. Save time in this to spend more time in actual editing.


Want to create professional level images? Apply selective adjustments with luminosity masks.


Gaining full control of your image is the key step to creative image post-processing in digital photography. 

Below are luminosity masks tutorials I have published, to help you learn and gain more confidence in luminosity masks without the fluff.

Essential Luminosity Masks Tutorials:

More Luminosity Masks Tutorials:

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Learn these in 3 video tutorials

  • What is the masking triangle?
  • How to know which luminosity mask to choose?
  • When should you use luminosity masks?