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Create Natural-Looking HDR Photography

HDR photography has a bad reputation historically because people abuse the technique. Most people see HDR as an effect rather than a technique to help them overcome the limitation of digital cameras. Learn to do HDR photography the right way, stop creating grungy and mediocre HDR.

What is the key to creating natural looking HDR images?

Understand HDR

The first step is to know what HDR photography is and isn't. This is where most people go wrong. 

When Not To

Knowing when to and not to do HDR is the greatest challenge. The answer is actually very simple.


Know the limitation of your camera and learn how to set it up to capture HDR in just a few seconds. 

Below are HDR photography tutorials I have published to guide you through the process of creating natural lookingHDR images!

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The Fundamentals of HDR:

More HDR Tutorials:

The Next Step?

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Learn how to...

  • Decide when to shoot HDR using histogram 
  • Setup your camera to start bracketing exposure for HDR
  • Merge bracketed exposures for HDR with several techniques