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Create Natural Images With Exposure Blending

You are in the right place if you are searching what exposure blending is all about and how to do it! Exposure blending essentially means merging (aka blending) multiple exposures into one image. It is not only a method to creating natural looking HDR images but also a useful technique to fix imperfection during post-processing.

Why should you care about exposure blending?

Realistic Images

Tired of oversaturated or cartoonish HDR images? It's time to merge with exposure blending!

More Control

You have full control over each step in merging multiple exposures. Never send a robot to do a human's job!


Blending is a useful skill that can be used beyond creating HDR. Use it creatively! The sky is the limit! 

Doesn't matter which stage you are in exposure blending, these tutorials will help you familiarise and get on track in no time!

First Time In Exposure Blending?

More Tutorials On Exposure Blending:

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7 Ways To Blend Multiple Exposure

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