20 HDR Examples: How It Should Be Done

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I’m going to show you HDR examples that you should consider doing. But first, let’s understand what HDR really means.

What HDR Really Is

To me, it is often a misunderstood subject. The abbreviation stands for

The abbreviation stands for high dynamic range but our mind associate it with HDR software whenever we hear the word.

High dynamic range image essentially means an image that has a higher dynamic range that usually cannot be captured with a single exposure in the camera.

What Is Dynamic Range?

It means the range of darkness and brightness that are present at the same time.

Sunrise and sunset both have a higher dynamic range compared to, for example, midday.

This is because both sunrise and sunset have very bright lights (from the sun) and also very dark areas (silhouette or shadows) compared to midday where everything is just bright.

Limited Dynamic Range

With the current technology, our camera can only capture a limited amount of dynamic range, about 14 stops of light.

The dynamic range in real life is much higher and can be up to 20 stops of light.

A single exposure simply cannot record all the brightness and darkness present, so the darkest dark and the brightest bright will appear to be clipped (blown out) on the image because there is no information recorded on the digital image sensor.

That was how HDR first started because photographers wanted to capture what they see on a photo.

With the existing HDR software on the market, you can create HDR in any situations you like. Some go overboard with HDR image that lacks contrast or with halos around the edges. Personally, that is not my kind of HDR.

Understand Different Ways To Create HDR Images

The fact is, you don’t necessary need HDR software to create high dynamic range image.

The advantage of HDR software is that it automates the process of merging images for you, which will take time if you do it manually.

Having said that, blending is not difficult to learn and it will be a second nature once you get the hang of it. If you are new to HDR, why not learn from The Ultimate Guide To HDR Photography.




Alright, now let’s look at some examples of HDR done right.


hdr examples 18
Malibu Sea Cave Sunset! El Matador Beach! Nikon D8 by Elliot McGucken


hdr examples 1
Hjorthagen Church, Stockholm by Kah-Wai Lin


hdr examples 16
Rees am Niederreihn by Sascha Hübers


hdr examples 13
Dusk in September 1964 by Donnie Nunley


hdr examples 02
Evening by Andrew Kuznetsov


hdr examples 20
Le Grand Béguinage – Groot Begijnhof by Sylvester Cologne


hdr examples 17
Busan by Fabian Matthias Hutter


hdr examples 03
Harvest by James Bloodgood


hdr examples 04
神田ふれあい街 by jun560


hdr examples 05
Solitude by Chris Robinson


hdr examples 12
Waterfall at “Hart Mountain” in Poland #3 by David Dylong


hdr examples 07
The Grand Illusion by Jonhy Blaze


Soignes nu Murch TP
Soignes nu Murch TP


hdr examples 06
Digger by fRedi


hdr examples 08
Mississauga Sunset by Bastian Sander


hdr examples 09
JOSTEDAL-NORUEGA by Francisco José Moreno Caballero


hdr examples 10
Biarritz, Euskadi by Paolo Margari


hdr examples 11
SanFrancisco Sunset by M.RICHI


hdr examples 14
Mt Bromo (remastered) – East Java,Indonesia by Danny Xeero


hdr examples 15
Images by James Kerwin

I hope you enjoyed and maybe got some inspiration for your next photo shoot! Looking for good HDR is harder than I thought!


Learn More

For more tutorials on HDR photography, please check out ​the HDR resource page!


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