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Hi, I'm Yaopey, the author of Fotographee.

I'm an avid photographer living in one of the most beautiful parts of England - Yorkshire. I like beautiful landscape and visiting new places 🙂

Apart from photography, I'm a gadget geek, light stalker, star gazer, traveler, moviegoer and many more!

But at the end of the day, I'm just a guy who has a great passion in photography.

Just like you, I own a camera and point it at things (or person).

Creating natural and clean image has always been my aim. I'm also fortunate enough to have some of my images published (and hopefully many more to come):

  • Asia Overland: Tales of Travel on the Trans-Siberian and Silk Road, Odyssey Guides (ISBN 9789622178113)
  • Mountain: Portraits of High Places by Sandy Hill (ISBN 9780847834020)
  • National Geographic Travel Guide to Prague
  • Visit Scotland - 12 Hidden Gems In Glasgow (
  • The Glasgow We Used To Know (ISBN 9780956305435)
  • Photography Week Digital Magazine (Issue 187, 197 & 199)


How I Started In Photography

I've always like to take pictures since I was a kid.

Thinking back in time, I may have been influenced by my dad as he's an enthusiast photographer. He owns a fully manual Olympus SLR. I still remember how I broke it by knocking it off his hands running around in a hotel lobby when I was very young. It fell on the floor and parts came off (ooops :/). It got fixed in the end 🙂

My very first camera was a Kodak. I have very vague memory of it but I could remember it was black and shoots in film. I used to bring it to school and get the roll developed at my local photo studio (in the good old dark room).

I didn't realise I actually have an interest in photography until I bought a digital camera. It was a Canon IXUS 400, a 4MP point-and-shoot camera that I brought it with me whenever I go.

fotographee my first camera

Now, an interesting fact:

I didn't believe in post-processing when I first started. I thought every image should be the way it was captured in the camera. There was one time when I was taking picture of the Inverness Castle in Scotland. An elderly man came to me and asked if I would photoshop it. I said to him: "no, I don't photoshop".

As I progressed in my photography skills, I found post-processing is just as important as taking the shot. Most photographers actually spend more time in front of the computer post-processing images than being out there shooting.

An image taken with Canon IXUS 400


A Steep Learning Curve

My biggest leap was upgrading to a DSLR. This happened when I accidentally dropped my IXUS 400 at the Eiffel Tower.

Yes, at the Eiffel Tower!

I knew I needed a new camera and I thought it was time to upgrade to a DSLR. After researching the market, I bought a Canon 40D with an 18-200mm kit lens.

It was an exciting time for me. I learned how to use my new camera by doing a lot of reading, watching tutorials and videos on the internet. I also discovered HDR and started bracketing exposure for most of my images. You could say I was an HDR addict for a while!

Just after 2 years, I upgraded my gear to a full frame DSLR - a Canon 5D Mark II.

I continued shooting for HDR every time I'm out. Over the years, it started to feel like a routine and I feel stuck. I've even reached a point where I almost lost interest in photography (glad that didn't happen!)


The Art of Creating Images

While I was feeling lost in the photography world, I discovered exposure blending and luminosity mask. It led me to other photographers' work which really inspired me to do things differently.

I learned how to use light, tones and colour in my images. I read everything I could find on these new topics and implement the changes in my work.

The results?

A dramatic change, I feel I've reached a new horizon.


Vision, Technique and Passion

I believe that anyone, given the right direction and the motivation, is able to create beautiful images parallel to those by professional photographers.

My aim here is to share my vision and technique that I've learned and inspire those in a similar situation like I was before. I hope to achieve these through publishing quality, educational and informative articles to bring you more value in photography.

Thanks again for visiting and I really appreciate you!

Feel free to drop me a message if you have any question, or just to say hi 🙂




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